A Ten City Tour Launched by Mothers…and others
“It’s all about recognizing the economic value of care giving in the world – at the hands of mothers - and others. As it should be.”  
~Alexia Nye Jackson, Founder


“It takes years of hard, patient work to mold infants into individuals who have the imagination to find a place for themselves in a competitive, mobile world, the self-confidence to strive, and the self-discipline to plan for an uncertain future.”  
~Ann Crittenden,
in The Price of Motherhood

We are so excited to finally be at the stage where we are ready to launch a tour of the exhibit! We didn’t get here by ourselves and we can’t do this with out you!

Volunteer! alexia@motherthejob.org

This is the exciting stuff!  Find your voice.  Our message embraces mothers in the work place and mothers at home, recognizing the urgency of a mother’s presence in family life and advocating change in social policy and in the corporate culture, so that mothers and their families can thrive.  Help send the message that the work of mothers, in creating human capital and well-rounded citizens for society at large, has solid, economic value. Help create more balanced lives for all parents.

Bring your kids and gather weekly to track progress, brainstorm - and validate your “work!”  Be a part of history…this is just the beginning of an organization destined to become a business.

We are looking for volunteers in the following areas
.  Come on by for an overview of this amazing exhibit and a look at our current and future plans:

RETAINING SPONSORSHIP (mini version of the exhibit is available for meetings, with Alexia presenting)
- Private
- Corporate
- Computer Savvy –
        Help reply to emails and create folders/systems to organize MTJOB as we grow
        Research information for posting info about MTJOB or for creating leads for MTJOB for sponsorship volunteers to follow up on
- Phone and General Follow Up –
        Network with organizations and individuals who are a growing interest for us!  Very casual – can be done at home or at my home studio – use our simple MTJOB Talking Points and Goals!
        Set up appointments, keep monthly calendar of events and appointments. Follow up on various details (shipping the exhibit, requesting info on available monies for installation, etc.)

MOTHER: THE JOB is only the exhibit.  The message belongs to everyone.

“In the end, this exhibit is as much about kids as it is about the mothers who raise them.”   
~ Alexia Nye Jackson, Founder  



For more information on how you can get involved with Mother: The Job, please contact: Alexia Nye Jackson at alexia@motherthejob.org

MOTHER: THE JOB is proud to support mommuseum.org

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