Aligned Organizations:




The Association for Research on Mothering, at York University, Toronto, houses the Association for Research on Mothering, the Journal of the Association for Research on Mothering, the Demeter Press and Mother Outlaws. The Association’s mandate is to promote feminist maternal scholarship by building and sustaining a community of researchers interested in the topic of mothering-motherhood. The Director of the Centre is Andrea O’Reilly, e-mail aoreilly@yorku.ca. You can reach the Coordinator, Renée Knapp, at arm@yorku.ca


MAMAPALOOZA.org! Official Site. Amplifying Women's Voices through arts for community awareness. Mamapalooza Festivals are the only cultural event of its kind featuring women who are mothers on stages across the world.


MomsRising is working to bring together millions of people who share a common concern about the need to build a more family-friendly America. Started in May of 2006, MomsRising has gained over 140,000 citizen members and is rapidly growing. More than 85 national and state organizations have signed on to be aligned with MomsRising.


Whether you work full time, part time or are taking some time off but plan to go back, Mommy Track'd is the multi-tasking site for you. We offer busy moms something they desperately need -- a smart and entertaining resource to help manage the daily tug of war between work and home.


Mothers & More is a non-profit organization dedicated to improving the lives of mothers through support, education and advocacy.  We address mothers’ needs as individuals and members of society, and promote the value of all the work mothers do.


International Mothers Network (IMN)  www.internationalmothersnetwork.org - The first ever, global consortium of motherhood organizations, founded in October 2009 at the 12th International ARM (Association for Research on Mothering) Conference. There are currently over 50 international mothering organizations taking part.  

http://www.mominchief.com and http://www.theparentleader.com  

Based on over 20 years of coaching leaders to achieve extraordinary results, Jamie Woolf forges a path that connects the keys to leadership and parenting success. Why not apply the best of leadership to the most important work you do? Check out her fast selling book, Mom-in-Chief or get on board with her parent newsletter!



For more information on how you can get involved with Mother: The Job, please contact: Alexia Nye Jackson at alexia@motherthejob.org

MOTHER: THE JOB is proud to support mommuseum.org

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