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To my Elected Officials,

The United States is the only industrialized nation not to have universal health care and public preschool in place. As a nation comprised mainly of families with two full time working parents and single full time working mothers, what is your position on these two issues ? What is your record of action? The face of the American family has changed. When is the corporate culture and social policy going to change with it so that parents can hope to have someone home at a reasonable hour to guide our children each day? In addition, how can we make it easier for mothers who wish to reenter the work place, do so with out being penalized for it in terms of taxes, part time pay scales and/or flexible working schedules? After all, mothers produce the "human capital" of the next generation, something everyone benefits from. If we are all going to share the benefits, we should share the financial burden, like other competing nations. Do you agree? Thank you for your consideration.

We at MOTHER: THE JOB thank you for taking your time to show your support for making our families stronger by recognizing the value of mothering...OUT LOUD.


For more information on how you can get involved with Mother: The Job, please contact: Alexia Nye Jackson at alexia@motherthejob.org

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