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We at Mother: The Job know that Mothers are the mighty engine behind the human workforce that fuels the economy, as well as the nucleus of our society’s integrity. We embrace mothers in the workplace and mothers at home, advocating change in social policy and in the corporate culture so that mothers and their families can thrive.

The message products designed at Mother: The Job show the undeniable social and economic value of the care giving work and labor of mothers. We know that by raising her child from infancy to adulthood, and that child’s productivity in the marketplace and in society thereafter, she is a producer of “human capital” and of the good citizen as well.

The springboard for our organization, Mother: The Job, is the multimedia exhibit entitled, Mother : The Job – Building Human Capital, Building Human Beings. This exhibit, quite likely the first of its kind, includes a short black and white film of mother’s hands at task and an original 10x24 foot mixed media sculpture entitled, The Laundry Monster. Black and white photos of the sixteen main jobs mothers perform, writings by mothers and children, and other integrated art forms, combine to portray the day-to-day life of a mother and her intricate relationship with her child. By recognizing the passion, intelligence and intuition that goes into Mothering, the world’s most important job, we exalt nurturing and care giving to an art form. That art form gives way to a final understanding of the highly evolved skill set needed to ultimately raise a child to maturity – physically, mentally and emotionally- prepared to enter into society as a productive worker and citizen.  The absurd question, “What did you do all day?” becomes the mascot question for today’s revolution – the unfinished business of balancing the playing field for all “working” mothers and the economics of doing it.

The driving force behind the artifacts is in the form of quotations. Each piece is assigned a quote borrowed from the top scholars in economics, child development and related fields, as well as Mothers and recognized personalities. Within this format the viewer quickly comes to realize that the powerful and intense job known simply as “mother” is consistently devalued in both the economic and social arenas, and that the call for a shift in our thinking and in our actions is urgent work.

Our mission at MOTHER: THE JOB is to promote the economic value of mothers’ work through large message driven art and live concept pieces designed to educate and inspire society at large. Our message embraces mothers in the workplace and mothers at home, recognizing the urgency of a mother’s presence in family life and advocating change in social policy and in the policies of the corporate culture, so that mothers and their families can thrive.


For more information on how you can get involved with Mother: The Job, please contact: Alexia Nye Jackson at

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